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Chicken Products

We stock a wide range of poultry products, which are all processed chemical free. Chemical free chicken tastes like chicken from the old days, natural, healthy and mouth watering, as it retains its natural juices and flavor, making it healthier and tender.

Another reason our chicken tastes so good is because our suppliers air chill, the European way of chilling. No spin-chillers filled with ice water and chlorine, instead our chickens travel down a refrigerated line, airing naturally until their deep muscle temperature reaches 0 degrees. Air chilling is how chickens retain their natural rich appearance. Their texture and taste is pure giving you the 'real taste of chicken'.

We also stock a range of FREE RANGE chickens from Bannockburn Free Range. Grown near Geelong to meet Free Range Authority guidelines, these birds are also processed chemically free. The growing and processing standards for Free Range meat birds are set by FREPA (Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia Ltd) and cover the areas of; reduced stocking densities in sheds, size and management of outside grazing areas, fencing for protection from predators, special dietary guidelines, as well as farms agreement to comply with Codes of Practice for Welfare of Poultry and National Biosecurity Regulations. All farms are audited on a regular basis and birds may only be used as Free Range upon FREPA Accreditation.